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Published Date:
June 2006
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No. 06/10

“Will the Doha Round Lead to Preference Erosion?”

Amiti, Mary; Romalis, John

No. 06/11

“Corruption, Competition, and Contracts: A Model of Vote Buying”

Morgan, John; Vardy, Felix J. J.

No. 06/12

“Reforming External Tariffs in Central and Western African Countries”

Doe, Lubin Kobla

No. 06/13

“Pricing and Hedging of Contingent Credit Lines”

Loukoianova, Elena; Neftci, Salih N.; Sharma, Sunil

No. 06/14

“Foreign Aid Policy and Sources of Poverty: A Quantitative Framework”

Mourmouras, Alex; Rangazas, Peter

No. 06/15

“Suppressed Inflation and Money Demand in Zimbabwe”

Muñoz, Sònia

No. 06/16

“Fiscal Policy and Financial Markets”

Akitoby, Bernardin; Stratmann, Thomas

No. 06/17

“The Net Worth Approach to Fiscal Analysis: Dynamics and Rules”

da Costa, Mercedes; Juan-Ramón, V. Hugo

No. 06/18

“Foreign Banks in Poor Countries: Theory and Evidence”

Detragiache, Enrica; Tressel, Thierry; Gupta, Poonam

No. 06/19

“Equilibrium Wage Dispersion: An Example”

Gaumont, Damien; Schindler, Martin; Wright, Randall

No. 06/20

“Does Import Protection Discourage Exports?”

Tokarick, Stephen

No. 06/21

“Economic Transformation, Population Growth, and the Long-Run World Income Distribution”

Chamon, Marcos; Kremer, Michael

No. 06/22

“India’s Pattern of Development: What Happened, What Follows?”

Kochhar, Kalpana; Kumar, Utsav; Rajan, Raghuram; Subramanian, Arvind; Tokatlidis, Ioannis

No. 06/23

“Tax Incentives and Investment in the Eastern Caribbean”

Sosa, Sebastian

No. 06/24

“Implications of Quasi-Fiscal Activities in Ghana”

Chivakul, Mali; York, Robert C.

No. 06/25

“Emigration and Brain Drain: Evidence from the Caribbean”

Mishra, Prachi

No. 06/26

“Fiscal Policy and Financial Development”

Hauner, David

No. 06/27

“Procyclical Fiscal Policy: Shocks, Rules, and Institutions—A View From MARS”

Manasse, Paolo

No. 06/28

“Zimbabwe’s Export Performance: The Impact of the Parallel Market and Governance Factors”

Muñoz, Sònia

No. 06/29

“Habit Formation and Persistence in Individual Asset Portfolio Holdings: The Case of Italy”

Muñoz, Sònia

No. 06/30

“Wealth Effects in Europe: A Tale of Two Countries (Italy and the United Kingdom)”

Muñoz, Sònia

No. 06/31

“Stylized Facts on Bilateral Trade and Currency Unions: Implications for Africa”

Tsangarides, Charalambos G.; Ewenczyk, Pierre; Hulej, Michal

No. 06/32

“Toward an Effective Supervision of Partially Dollarized Banking Systems”

Cayazzo, Jorge; Garcia Pascual, Antonio; Gutierrez, Eva; Heysen, Socorro

No. 06/33

“Financial Sector Projections and Stress Testing in Financial Programming: A New Framework”

Basu, Ritu; Choueiri, Nada; Garcia Pascual, Antonio

No. 06/34

“Regulatory Capture in Banking”

Hardy, Daniel C.

No. 06/35

“Does Economic Diversification Lead to Financial Development? Evidence from Topography”

Ramcharan, Rodney

No. 06/36

“Does Inflation in China Affect the United States and Japan?”

Feyzioglu, Tarhan; Willard, Luke

No. 06/37

“The Impact of Foreign Interest Rates on the Economy: The Role of the Exchange Rate Regime”

di Giovanni, Julian; Shambaugh, Jay C.

No. 06/38

“Providing Official Statistics for the Common Market and Monetary Union in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries: A Case for ‘Gulfstat’”

Al-Mansouri, Abdulrahman K.L.; Dziobek, Claudia

No. 06/39

“Does NGO Aid Go to the Poor? Empirical Evidence from Europe”

Nancy, Gilles; Yontcheva, Boriana

No. 06/40

“Macroeconomic Challenges with EU Accession in Southeastern Europe: An Overview”

Sorsa, Piritta

No. 06/41

“Forecasting ECB Monetary Policy: Accuracy Is (Still) a Matter of Geography”

Berger, Helge; Ehrmann, Michael; Fratzscher, Marcel

No. 06/42

“Banks During the Argentine Crisis: Were They All Hurt Equally? Did They All Behave Equally?”

Barajas, Adolfo; Basco, Emiliano; Juan-Ramón, V. Hugo; Quarracino, Carlos

No. 06/43

“Quasi-Fiscal Deficits and Energy Conditionality in Selected CIS Countries”

Saavalainen, Tapio; ten Berge, Joy

No. 06/44

“Banking Spreads in Latin America”

Gelos, R. Gaston

No. 06/45

“A New-Open-Economy Macro Model for Fiscal Policy Evaluation”

Botman, Dennis P. J.; Laxton, Douglas; Muir, Dirk; Romanov, Andrei

No. 06/46

“How Different Is the Cyclical Behavior of Home Production Across Countries?”

Blankenau, William; Kose, M. Ayhan

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Visiting Scholars, January–April 2006

Josh Abor; University of Ghana; 3/20/06–4/28/06

Muge Adalet; Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand; 3/27/06–4/7/06

Olayinka Adenikinju; University of Ibadan, Nigeria; 3/14/06–4/21/06

Aradhna Aggarwal; University of Delhi; 3/27/06–4/28/06

Laura Alfaro; Harvard University; 1/8/06–1/26/06

Franklin Allen; University of Pennsylvania; 1/3/06

Alayande Babatunde; Lagos State University, Nigeria; 2/13/06–3/24/06

Philippe Bacchetta; Study Center Gerzensee, Switzerland; 2/20/06–4/29/06

Laurence Ball; Johns Hopkins University; 1/9/06–2/28/06

Gian Luca Benigno; London School of Economics; 4/3/06–4/21/06

Sami Bennaceur; IHEC Carthage, Tunisia; 2/27/06–3/31/06

Olivier Blanchard; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; 1/26/06

Olivier Blanchard; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; 3/13/06–3/24/06

Michael Bordo; Rutgers University; 2/1/06–2/28/06

William Brafu-Insaidoo; University of Cape Coast, Ghana; 3/20/06–4/28/06

Fernando Broner; Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain; 4/10/06–4/14/06

Ehsan Choudhri; Carleton University, Canada; 2/21/06–2/24/06

Mario J. Crucini; Vanderbilt University; 4/12/06

Josh Ederington; University of Kentucky; 4/18/06–4/21/06

Miguel Fuentes; Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; 1/30/06–3/3/06

Marvin Goodfriend; Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond; 3/17/06–3/20/06

Hideaki Hirata; Hosei University, Japan; 3/22/06–3/31/06

Jean Imbs; University of Lausanne; 3/23/06–3/31/06

Mariusz Jarmuzek; University of Warwick; 3/13/06–4/14/06

Simon Johnson; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; 1/30/06–8/31/06

Jiandong Ju; University of Oklahoma; 2/6/06–2/10/06

Joong Shik Kang; University of Wisconsin; 3/13/06–4/7/06

Lutz Kilian; University of Michigan; 2/21/06–3/17/06

Sunghyun Henry Kim; Tufts University; 2/27/06–3/3/06

Michael Kremer; Harvard University; 2/20/06–2/24/06

Kala Krishna; Pennsylvania State University; 4/12/06–4/14/06

Anthony Kyereboah-Coleman; University of Ghana; 1/9/06–2/17/06

Xuepeng Liu; Syracuse University; 3/20/06–6/9/06

Nora Markova; Wolfson College, United Kingdom; 3/27/06–4/28/06

Ezo’o Martin; Universite de Yaounde II SOA, Cameroon; 3/1/06–4/11/06

Matthew Ocran; University of Stellenbosch, South Africa; 3/20/06–4/28/06

Anders Olofsgard; Georgetown University; 3/27/06–4/28/06

Olusanya (Elisa) Olubusoye; Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria; 3/20/06–4/28/06

David Parsley; Owen Graduate School, Vanderbilt University; 2/21/06–2/24/06

Albrecht Ritschl; University of Pennsylvania; 3/8/06–3/10/06

John Romalis; University of Chicago; 3/7/06–3/13/06

Sergio Santoro; Bank of Italy; 3/20/06–3/24/06

Rene Stulz; Ohio State University; 2/2/06

Linda Tesar; University of Michigan; 4/3/06–4/7/06

Francis Warnock; Darden School of Business, University of Virginia; 1/3/06–2/28/06

Zhanwei (Vivian) Yue; New York University; 3/13/06–3/17/06

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