Books: IMF Bookstore Goes Partially Online

International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
October 2006
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Readers can now order some of the IMF’s most recent titles online. The IMF launched a quarterly e-newsletter for subscribers in October, with a link for ordering online:

Cathy Willis, an External Relations Officer in the IMF’s Editorial and Publications Division, notes that the newsletter marks the Fund’s first Web-enabled e-mail promotion. “The Fund continually publishes new content, but it has always been up to the customer to find it,” Willis said. “With this initiative, we are helping existing customers stay up to date on our new and current publications, and we are reaching out to new customers as well.”

Here are some of the titles highlighted in the current newsletter:

China and India Learning from Each Other: Reforms and Policies for Sustained Growth


The two fastest-growing emerging markets and two of the three largest economies in Asia are increasingly influencing the global economy. This book draws together analysis and insight from high-level policymakers and advisors from both countries and offers concrete suggestions for how each can achieve long-term sustainable development.

India Goes Global: Its Expanding Role in the World Economy


India has emerged as a global economic power, the leading outsourcing destination, and a favorite of global investors. Is it entering into a golden age or experiencing a period of rapid but ultimately unsustainable growth? This book examines what lies behind India’s economic rise and considers the steps needed to build on this success over the medium term.

2006 Annual Report on Exchange Arrangements and Exchange Restrictions


The IMF is the only international financial institution officially responsible for reporting the foreign exchange arrangements, exchange and trade restrictions, and relevant prudential measures of each of its 184 members. This volume, published since 1950 and updated annually, is based on a database maintained by the IMF that tracks the monetary exchange arrangements of its members, including historical information.

Pacific Island Economies


The Pacific island region has considerable potential for development, especially in tourism, fisheries, forestry, mining, and agriculture. But these countries face such development challenges as small size, distance from major markets, and vulnerability to natural disasters. This book assesses the regional issues and the factors affecting each country.

The Caribbean: From Vulnerability to Sustained Growth


Although the countries of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union have enjoyed a sustained period of price and exchange rate stability, they have recently been buffeted by adverse shocks. To strengthen their growth performance, these countries must integrate with the global economy, develop the tourism industry, and preserve macroeconomic stability. This volume examines the issues that are part of that process.

Central America: Structural Foundations for Regional Financial Integration


Intraregional financial activity in Central America has grown substantially in the past decade, contributing to economic development. At the same time, the expansion of activities by regional conglomerates has increased the challenges to supervisory authorities in mitigating the challenges of contagion. This book addresses the common policy challenges facing the countries in financial sector reform.

To subscribe to the newsletter, or if you have any other questions about IMF publications, please send an e-mail to the IMF Publications customer services team at or call (202) 623-7430.

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